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People Often Ask, "What Do I Want To Do With My Life?"

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When you ask most people what they want to be, you get a blank look. Many of them have not been exposed to enough information about the job duties of each career to match it with the topics they learned about as they grew up. In fact, they may not know enough about the world to make an accurate career choice.

One way to get an idea is to figure out what you enjoy doing outside of work or school. A variety of ideas will be sparked with the exploration of the what you enjoy in life. Most major career fields can be broken down into these basic topic areas. These topic areas cover the vast majority of choices that face the job seeker when it comes to answering "what do I want to do?". Everyone could use help answering that question.

That's why we've put together a list of good jobs based on what your hobbies, intrests or background show to be the best for you. Many wise men have said, "Do something you enjoy and you will never work a day in your life". Choose from the following areas:

Math | Reading | Science | Social Studies | Music & Arts | Building & Fixing Things | Helping People | Computers | Law | Managing Money | Sports | Nature

What Are The Job Duties of a Dental Assistant?

dental hygenist job dutiesThe role of a dental assistant is a diversified and flexible one. A dental assistant is employed in a dental office, either in a private clinic or public healthcare dental facility. Working under the supervision of a dentist, the job duties and responsibilities of a dental assistant will include patient care, laboratory functions and administrative duties. For the dental assistant position, the person requires a range of skills that include clinical, technological, interpersonal and clerical skills.

Although the job duties of a dental assistant vary from state to state, the most common duties and responsibilities remain the same in most areas. Listed below are some of those.

What Are The Job Duties of a Veterinary Assistant?

vet assistant job dutiesA veterinary assistant is an integral member of a veterinary team, who supports licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians in providing health care to animals. The role of a veterinary assistant may differ depending on the clinic or hospital where the person is employed. For example, a veterinary assistant may be called upon to assist in the clinical area, work primarily in the front office of the clinic or perform a dual role in both areas.

The duties and responsibilities of a veterinary assistant are quite comprehensive although the person does not possess the same level of education as veterinarians or veterinary technicians.

What Are The Job Duties of a Medical Assistant?

medical assistant job dutiesA medical assistant works in the healthcare industry to provide clinical and administrative assistance to health practitioners in various specialized professions. The role of a medical assistant varies depending on the office type, size of practice and location of the practice. However, generic duties include clinical functions, administrative duties and clerical duties.

In a small or medium size practice, a medical assistant will wear many hats, handle various clinical and administrative duties, and report directly to a physician or office manager. In large practices, the medical assistant is generally specialized in one specific area, for example, clinical medical assistant, working under the supervision of a department administrator.